Summer Vacation

Now’s the Time to Book Your Summer Vacation

According to travel search engine Hipmunk, the best time to book flights for summer vacation travel is the week of April 23. The savings to your vacation budget could be significant.

“U.S. travelers should book their summer travel the week of April 23 to maximize domestic flight savings — do so and you can save up to 12 percent compared to those who wait until mid-June, when booking prices for summer peak,” the site’s study states.

Where are you planning to head this summer — grandma’s house, the beach, the mountains, or abroad?

Here are just a few of the summer vacation travel stats that the Hipmunk website shares:

  • The most expensive day to fly in the summer is Sunday, June 10 at $386
  • Least expensive is Sat, Aug 25 at $224
  • If you miss the April 23 “buy-by” week, the general rule of thumb is to book three weeks in advance of departure for summer flights to save up to 14 percent.
  • Eight percent of all summer vacation bookings are for Fourth of July
  • Three of the four busiest summer departure days revolve around Fourth of July:
    • Friday before Fourth of July (June 29, 2018. At $322 avg., it’s also the most expensive departure date for those traveling for the Fourth of July)
    • Saturday before Fourth of July (June 30, 2018)
    • June 22, 2018 (the Friday the week preceding)
    • Thursday before Fourth of July (June 29, 2018)

Travel & Leisure chimes in with their own tips for saving money on your summer vacation. Their 6 tips are:

  1. Be flexible.
  2. Know your travel apps.
  3. Be open minded.
  4. Be skeptical.
  5. Stay somewhere new.

Notice a trend? Okay, Travel Lovers, it’s time to get online and book your summer vacation travel!

Don’t make your summer vacation stressful, which defeats the point of the trip.

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