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What is the Christmas 4 Gift Rule?

The Christmas 4 Gift Rule is a simple way to make sure you keep your holiday shopping stress-free. It’s a rule that you can use to guide your gift buying decisions and it’s especially useful for families with young children who might not understand the concept of giving yet. The idea behind this rule is…

Greetings from our ‘Happy Place’!

Welcome, Empty Nester. Your nest may be empty now… or soon to be. It can be a time of sadness for many as they watch the young ones fly away. Others may find that they are not finding the nest as empty as they thought it would be at this point in their lives. Or they are finding grandchildren arriving in their world. All of these changes make for an emotional transition – from one phase of life to another.

If you are like us, you are not ready to pack it up just yet. You know that there is more going on in the world and you want to be a part of it. We feel the same. Join us as we seek out the next chapter in our lives!

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balanced empty nest
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5 Tips for Achieving a Balanced Empty Nest

As children grow up, they leave the nest and move out on their own. But what happens after kids leave the house? This is especially true for many parents recently who might have ‘re-captured’ their children during the COVID pandemic. Especially for college aged kids and young single adult children, many came home to ride…

aging parents and driving
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Aging Parents and Driving: When Taking the Keys Away from Them is the Right Decision

Many empty nesters are finding that they are replacing childcare with ‘parent care’. This is the life situation that has caused many in our age group to be referred to as the ‘sandwich generation‘. One of those life decisions that such empty nesters face in that situation is their aging parents and driving. When is the right time to address that concern?