These are some of our favorite quotes and memes from around the internet about empty nesters.

You tend to notice things more when you are focused on that topic, like the model of car that you just bought now seems to be every other car on the road.

Or, a lifestyle change that initially felt like yours alone, is one that thousands (if not millions) are also experiencing. 

That’s the way we now feel with being empty nesters. Now that we have become one of the empty nest ‘rank and file’, we suddenly realize that we are not so alone.

And we notice that more and more online when we see memes and quotes about the empty nest ‘condition’.

We couldn’t help but share some of our favorites from across the web with you and see if you agree with us. Some are inspirational and heartfelt. Others are just funny, but we like them too.

Leave a comment with your favorite empty nest quote.

empty nest meme 01
Empty Nest meme 03
Empty Nest meme 04
Empty Nest
empty nest offspring
empty nest replacement cat
From The New Yorker

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