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Putting the ‘Active’ in Active Adult Communities

You’ve heard the term “Active Adult Communities,” but what does “Active” in that phrase really mean?

The term – “active adult community” typically describes a community designed for residents aged 55 and older.  These communities may have been conceptualized 30 years ago as retirement communities for “active retirees,” but today they are more likely to be full of adults, younger and older – both singles and couples – many who still work part- and even full-time.

What makes these communities “active” is a vibrant mix of adults whose nests may be empty, but whose lives are decidedly full.  They have chosen to live with others in their own age group, for purposes of socializing and having fun.  Many have downsized to start fresh on this next phase of their lives.

Most of these communities have been “master planned” – much like a country club – with clubhouses, recreation centers, swimming pools, and golf courses, as well as walking or bike trails, tennis, dating networks, or other amenities.  The largest may even have retail centers, restaurants, banks and even their own zip code.

Staff or residents plan events that range from poker nights to craft days, happy hours to music nights.  There may be organized trips and excursions, gardening clubs, and shopping excursions.  The recreation centers are likely to have a regular schedule of exercise or dance classes, and if there’s a golf course, there will be leagues, tournaments and golf events.

Active Adult Communities are for people who may be a little older, but they are young at heart, and most of all, they want to have fun.

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Guest Contributor: Connie Holubar

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