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10 Empty Nest Blogs that Celebrate the Next Chapter of Life

There are so many great collections of empty nest blogs written by people who have experienced their children leaving home to start their own lives. These blogs offer valuable insights, advice, and heartwarming stories about navigating this new phase of life. They remind us that while the ’empty nest’ phase can be challenging, it’s also a time of growth, self-discovery, and new adventures.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 10 inspiring ‘empty nest’ blogs that offer a refreshing perspective on this exciting new chapter. These blogs provide a wealth of wisdom, humor, and practical tips for making the most out of the empty nest experience.

10 inspiring empty nest blogs

1. Empty Nest Blessed

empty nest blessed

Empty Nest Blessed is an insightful blog that focuses on empowering parents going through the ’empty nest’ phase of life. The blog covers a variety of topics, including personal growth, lifestyle changes, relationship advice, and tips for rediscovering oneself. It also touches on practical aspects like fashion, beauty, and wellness for the empty nester. Its heartwarming and relatable content encourages readers to view the ’empty nest’ as an opportunity for new experiences and personal development.

2. The Empty Nest Chronicles

the empty nest chronicles

The Empty Nest Chronicles offers a candid and humorous take on life after children leave the home. The blog shares personal experiences and stories, providing readers with both comfort and laughter. Its honest and light-hearted content is a reminder that it’s okay to not have everything figured out and that it’s important to find joy in this new journey.

3. Feathered Empty Nest

feathered empty nest

Feathered Empty Nest is all about embracing the simplicity and peace that comes with the empty nest phase. The blog shares practical tips on home organization, decluttering, and redecorating, as well as reflections on personal growth and wellness. Its content is a celebration of the newfound freedom and opportunities that come with this chapter of life.

4. Adventures of Empty Nesters

adventures of empty nesters

Adventures of Empty Nesters is a blog that encourages parents to explore and embark on new adventures after their kids have flown the nest. The blog shares travel stories, culinary experiences, and lifestyle tips, inspiring readers to seize the opportunities that come with an empty nest.

5. Our Empty Nest

our empty nest

Our Empty Nest is a blog that provides a thoughtful exploration of the emotional journey that accompanies the transition to an empty nest. The blog addresses the challenges and rewards of this stage, offering tips for staying connected with adult children, maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner, and finding fulfillment in new hobbies and interests.

6. Almost Empty Nest

almost empty nest

Almost Empty Nest offers invaluable resources and support for parents navigating the transition to an empty nest. The blog provides practical guides, checklists, and printables on a variety of topics, such as college preparation, empty nest syndrome, and self-care. Its mission is to empower parents to embrace this new stage with positivity and grace.

7. Preppy Empty Nester

preppy empty nester

Preppy Empty Nester brings an elegant and fun perspective to the empty nest lifestyle. The blog features delightful stories, home decor inspiration, and travel adventures, all delivered with a touch of preppy style. Its content is a testament to the joys and excitement that await in the empty nest chapter.

8. Minding My Nest

minding my nest

Minding My Nest is a blog dedicated to celebrating everyday life in the empty nest phase. From gardening tips to mindfulness practices, the blog shares a variety of ways to cultivate joy and find fulfillment in this new chapter. Its content encourages readers to slow down, savor the moment, and find beauty in everyday life.

9. Living Loving Empty Nest

living loving empty nesting

Living Loving Empty Nest is a blog that provides readers with a heartwarming and honest insight into life after the kids have left home. The blog shares personal stories, life lessons, and reflections on self-discovery and growth, inspiring readers to embrace the joys and challenges of this new phase.

10. Life Unfettered

life unfettered empty nest blogs

We humbly include our site on this list, as we are proud of the resource for empty nesters that it has become. Life Unfettered aims to support and inspire those navigating through this stage of life. Our blog offers practical advice on a range of topics including personal growth, relationship dynamics, and lifestyle changes. We share our own experiences and insights in the hope of helping others find joy and fulfillment in their empty nest journey.

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