magical makeovers for your spare bedroom

10 Magical Makeovers for Your Spare Bedroom After the Kids Fly the Coop

The last of your children have flown the coop, leaving you with an empty nest – and an extra room (or two) filled with a mix of nostalgia and silence. Now, what do you do with all this newfound space? It’s time to wave goodbye to the sadness and embrace the exciting journey of transformation.

Welcome to our guide: “10 Magical Makeovers for Your Spare Bedroom After the Kids Fly the Coop”. It’s all about helping you transform the echoes of yesterday into a harmonious symphony of tomorrow.

This isn’t about forgetting the room’s past; it’s about building on it. It’s about creating a space that not only pays homage to the memories created there but also mirrors your evolving lifestyle and interests.

So, put on your creative hat, and let’s venture together into this exciting world of redecoration possibilities.

Embracing the empty nest can be a time of mixed emotions. While the quiet might be unsettling at first, it can also open up a world of possibilities. Your home is filled with spaces that can be rediscovered and reimagined, and none more so than that spare bedroom that’s probably filled with memories of your children.

As an empty nester, you have an opportunity to reclaim this space and make it truly your own. This room can transform into anything you want it to be – a serene reading nook, a chic guest suite, a fitness room, or even a greenhouse room. The possibilities are nearly endless.

So, where do you start?

Our guide, “10 Magical Makeovers for Your Spare Bedroom After the Kids Fly the Coop,” is here to inspire you. It will walk you through ten unique and exciting transformations that can help you envision a new purpose for your spare room. Ready to begin this exciting journey of redecoration and transformation? Let’s dive in.

Makeover #1: The Chic Guest Suite: Make Visitors Feel At Home

chic guest room design

When the kids have flown the coop, you’ve suddenly got the perfect space for a guest suite that could rival any boutique hotel room. And the beauty of creating your own chic guest suite is the freedom to design it any way you like, incorporating elements of style and comfort that make your visitors feel truly welcomed.

Start by considering the basics: a comfortable bed, a cozy chair, adequate lighting, and storage space for your guests’ belongings. Don’t forget about adding personal touches like art, a selection of books, and fresh flowers to create an inviting atmosphere.

The color scheme can be the defining feature of the space. You might opt for a soothing palette of neutrals or choose to make a statement with bold colors. Whichever route you go, keep the comfort and relaxation of your guests at the forefront of your design decisions.

Next, think about the details. High-quality linens, plush towels, and even little amenities like a coffee maker or a selection of teas can give the room a luxurious feel. Consider providing a welcome basket filled with toiletries, local goodies, and perhaps even a handwritten note to make guests feel special.

Remember, creating a chic guest suite isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about creating an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality that makes your guests feel at home and appreciated. With a little thought and creativity, your spare bedroom can become the perfect home away from home for your visitors.

Makeover #2: The Serene Reading Nook: A Space Just for You

reading nook

In the flurry of daily life, carving out a space just for you might seem like a luxury, but it’s more of a necessity. Transforming your spare room into a serene reading nook can give you a sanctuary where you can escape from the world, one book at a time.

To start, consider the seating. Comfort is king here, so opt for a plush armchair or even a daybed that invites you to sink in and get lost in a good book. Add in a cozy throw blanket and a variety of pillows for maximum coziness.

The next step is to ensure ample lighting. Consider the natural light in the room and complement it with a well-placed reading lamp or even a collection of fairy lights for a magical touch. Remember, you want to create an atmosphere that’s easy on the eyes.

Invest in a good bookshelf to store your favorite reads. It doesn’t have to be massive; it just needs to hold your current reads, beloved classics, and those books on your “to read” list. Making it visually pleasing with an arrangement by color or size can add to the aesthetic appeal of your nook.

For colors, consider those that evoke tranquility and calmness. Soft blues, greens, or even a gentle cream or white can provide the perfect backdrop for your serene reading nook.

Finally, add in a small side table for that essential cup of tea or coffee and a rug for a touch of warmth and softness underfoot. Don’t forget personal touches like a favorite piece of art, a scented candle, or even a record player to fill the air with soothing tunes.

This serene reading nook isn’t just a spare room; it’s a testament to self-care, a haven where you can escape, unwind, and lose yourself in the immersive world of literature.

Makeover #3: The Tranquil Yoga Studio: Embrace Inner Peace

personal yoga room

Creating your own personal yoga studio can be the perfect way to put your spare room to use, fostering mindfulness and tranquility right in your own home. With a little bit of creativity and a few key pieces, you can transform the room into a peaceful sanctuary that supports your yoga practice and promotes inner peace.

First, consider the space. Remove any clutter and unnecessary items to create a tranquil environment. The room needs to be open and inviting, allowing for unrestricted movement.

Next, think about the flooring. Hardwood or laminate floors are ideal for stability, but if you’re working with carpet, thick yoga mats or even layered rugs can do the trick. Just ensure that you have a firm and comfortable surface to practice on.

For your walls, calming colors like light blues, greens, or neutrals can help create an atmosphere of serenity. You might also consider incorporating elements of nature with a mural or hanging plants.

Invest in high-quality yoga mats, blocks, straps, and perhaps even a meditation cushion or bolster. A small shelf or cabinet can be used to store these items neatly. If you enjoy guided sessions, a spot for your laptop or a small sound system for playing calming music or meditation guides can be a great addition.

Lighting also plays a crucial role in creating a tranquil yoga studio. If possible, take advantage of natural light, but also consider adding dimmable lights or even candles to create a soothing ambiance for evening sessions.

Lastly, consider a few final touches to make the space truly your own. This could include a small altar with meaningful objects, a diffuser with your favorite essential oils, or inspiring artwork.

Remember, your tranquil yoga studio is not just a physical space; it’s a personal refuge for cultivating mindfulness, balance, and peace within your daily life. A place that invites you to leave the world behind and embrace your inner yogi.

Makeover #4: The Creative Craft Room: Unleash Your Inner Artist

at home art studio

There’s something magical about a space dedicated solely to creativity. The thought of having your own craft room may have seemed like a pipe dream before, but with your newly available spare room, this dream can become a reality. Here’s how you can transform your empty nest into a hive of creativity and inspiration.

Start by assessing your needs. Different crafts require different spaces. For sewing, a large table and plenty of storage for fabric and threads are a must. If you’re into painting, good lighting and an easel might be at the top of your list. Identify the crafts you love, and plan the space accordingly.

Storage is king in a craft room. Shelves, bins, drawers, and pegboards can all be used to store and organize materials. Clear plastic containers can help you see what you have at a glance, while labels can keep things tidy. Don’t forget about vertical space – wall-mounted organizers can free up desk space and keep your tools within easy reach.

A large worktable in the center of the room provides a generous workspace and can double as a place to lay out your projects. Opt for a table that’s sturdy and easy to clean.

Lighting is another critical factor. Natural light is the best for most crafts, but you may also need task lighting for working in the evenings or on detailed projects.

Consider the room’s aesthetic. The design should inspire creativity, so choose colors and decor items that you love. This could be anything from a mood board filled with images, favorite quotes, or a wall color that makes you feel happy and inspired.

Finally, make it comfortable. You’re likely to spend hours here, so invest in a good chair, ensure the room has good ventilation, and add some indoor plants for a touch of nature.

By creating a craft room in your empty nest, you’re not just finding a use for a spare room, but you’re also cultivating a space for joy, creativity, and inspiration that is uniquely yours. It’s a space that allows you to unleash your inner artist and create to your heart’s content.

Makeover #5: The Home Office: Working From Home in Style

home office

The rise of remote work culture has seen the home office move from a luxury to a necessity for many. Your empty nest presents a perfect opportunity to create a functional yet stylish workspace, helping you strike the perfect work-life balance. Here’s how to transform your spare room into a dream home office.

Start with the basics: a good desk and an ergonomic chair. These are non-negotiables. The desk should be spacious enough for your computer and any paperwork you might need, while the chair should be comfortable enough for prolonged sitting.

Next, think about storage. Depending on your job, you might need filing cabinets, shelves, or storage boxes. Don’t forget to incorporate space for office supplies. Consider vertical storage solutions to maximize space.

Good lighting is crucial in a home office. Ideally, position your desk near a window to take advantage of natural light. Supplement this with a desk lamp for task lighting, particularly for working in the evenings.

Technology plays a key role in a home office. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and consider investing in tech gadgets that will improve your productivity, such as a second monitor, a printer, or noise-cancelling headphones.

Color and decor are essential in setting the mood for productivity and creativity. Choose calming and neutral tones like soft blues, grays, or greens. Personalize your space with art, plants, or motivational quotes that inspire you.

Lastly, consider adding elements of comfort and relaxation to help manage stress, like a comfy reading chair for breaks, or a coffee station for those mid-afternoon pick-me-ups.

Creating a dedicated home office in your spare room not only gives you a professional workspace, but also helps to separate your work life from your home life, promoting better work-life balance. This transformation isn’t just about functionality, but also about creating a space that inspires productivity, focus, and creativity.

Makeover #6: The Cozy Home Cinema: Your Personal Entertainment Paradise

home theater design

Imagine having your own personal cinema right at home, a cozy haven where you can escape into your favorite films, binge-watch a new series, or even host a fun movie night. With your empty nest, this dream can become a reality. Here’s how to turn your spare bedroom into a cozy home cinema.

First, let’s focus on the main attraction: the screen. Depending on your space and budget, this could range from a large flat-screen TV to a projector and screen setup. The latter can provide a more authentic cinema feel, while a good quality TV can offer more flexibility.

Next, consider the seating. Comfort is key here, so think about a cozy sofa, reclining chairs, or even a collection of bean bags for a more relaxed feel. Don’t forget plenty of cushions and blankets to create the ultimate cozy setup.

Sound is another crucial factor. A quality sound system can make all the difference in your movie-watching experience. Soundbars or surround sound speakers can provide excellent audio and are generally easy to install.

Lighting plays a significant role in setting the ambiance. Dimmable lights or LED strip lights can give your home cinema a cozy and immersive feel. Blackout curtains or blinds can help control natural light and create the perfect viewing atmosphere.

Don’t forget about storage for your movie collection, gaming consoles, or other related items. A media cabinet or shelving can keep things tidy and organized.

Last but not least, add a mini-fridge or snack bar for beverages and treats. Popcorn, anyone?

Designing a cozy home cinema isn’t just about watching movies; it’s about creating an experience. It’s about having a space where you can unwind, relax, and escape into different worlds without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s a cinema where every seat is the best seat in the house because it’s your house.

Makeover #7: The Greenhouse Room: A Breath of Fresh Air Indoors

plant room

If you’re a lover of plants, nature, and all things green, transforming your spare bedroom into a greenhouse room can be a dream come true. This room isn’t just a space to grow plants; it’s a sanctuary of greenery that can bring you closer to nature, improve air quality, and provide a relaxing hobby right in your own home.

The first step is to evaluate the light your room gets. Plants need sunlight to thrive, so ideally, your greenhouse room should have plenty of natural light. If the light is less than optimal, you may need to supplement it with grow lights.

Next, consider ventilation. Some plants require a good airflow to prevent diseases. If the room has windows, make sure they can be opened. If not, you might need to add a fan.

When it comes to arranging your plants, you’re only limited by your creativity. You can use plant stands, shelves, hanging baskets, or even a trellis for climbing plants. Remember to place plants that require similar light and water conditions together.

To keep your plants thriving, you’ll need to maintain the right humidity levels. Many houseplants originate from tropical climates and enjoy a humid environment. You might need to invest in a humidifier or regularly mist your plants to keep them happy.

Don’t forget about a potting station. A small table where you can repot plants or start seeds can be a valuable addition. Add a cabinet or shelving unit to store your gardening tools, potting soil, and other supplies.

Lastly, make the space comfortable for you as well. Add a cozy chair, a small table, and perhaps even a speaker for music. This way, your greenhouse room becomes not just a home for your plants but also a relaxing retreat for you.

Creating a greenhouse room is more than just a room transformation; it’s a lifestyle enhancement. It’s about surrounding yourself with lush greenery and creating an indoor oasis that’s both aesthetically pleasing and good for your wellbeing. It’s about nurturing life and reaping the soothing benefits of being close to nature, right in your own home.

Makeover #8: The Fitness Room: Personal Gym, No Membership Required

home gym

The idea of a home gym might have seemed out of reach with a house full of kids, but now that you’ve got an empty room on your hands, why not transform it into a fitness room? No more gym memberships, no more commuting, just a convenient and comfortable workout space tailored to your needs. Here’s how to create your own fitness room at home.

Firstly, consider what kind of workouts you enjoy. Are you into weight lifting, yoga, cardio, or maybe a bit of everything? Your answer will determine the type of equipment you need. Remember to take into account the room’s size. You don’t want to overcrowd the space; there should be enough room to move around comfortably.

Flooring is an important aspect. Depending on the type of workouts you plan to do, you might need to invest in padded flooring or yoga mats. These not only provide comfort but also protect your floors from damage.

Proper ventilation and lighting are key. Install a good quality fan or air conditioner to keep the room cool. Natural light is best, but make sure you also have ample overhead lighting for evening workouts.

Mirrors on one wall can be a great addition to your home gym. They help you ensure you’re performing exercises correctly and can also make the space seem larger.

Don’t forget about storage for smaller items like dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats, and towels. A simple shelving unit or storage baskets can keep your space tidy.

Lastly, make the space enjoyable. A sound system for your workout playlist, a TV for following workout videos, and motivational posters or quotes can make your workouts more fun and inspiring.

Creating a fitness room in your spare bedroom is not only convenient but also a powerful statement about prioritizing your health and wellbeing. It’s your personal gym, tailored to your preferences and available to you whenever you’re ready to break a sweat. It’s the ultimate convenience that turns fitness into a seamless part of your everyday lifestyle.

Makeover #9: The Serene Meditation Room: A Sanctuary for Mind and Soul

meditation room

In today’s fast-paced world, having a dedicated space in your home to unwind, reflect, and practice mindfulness can be a game-changer. Transforming your spare bedroom into a meditation room can offer a sanctuary for your mind and soul, a place to escape the outside world and connect with your inner self. Here’s how to design your serene meditation room.

Start with a clear and open space. Simplicity is key when creating a meditation room, so aim for minimal furniture and clutter. All you really need is a comfortable place to sit, whether it’s a cushion, a yoga mat, or a meditation bench.

Choose a calming color palette. Soft, neutral, or earthy tones can create a serene environment that promotes relaxation and focus.

Natural light can have a calming effect, so if your room has windows, let the light flood in. If natural light is limited, use soft, warm lighting to keep the ambiance soothing.

Include elements of nature. This could be houseplants, a small indoor water fountain, or even a sound machine with nature sounds. These elements can help create a peaceful atmosphere that fosters relaxation and introspection.

Incorporate personal elements that inspire mindfulness. This could be a small altar with meaningful symbols, inspiring art, or a collection of your favorite crystals or stones.

Consider a dedicated space for yoga or gentle stretching if it’s part of your mindfulness practice. A yoga mat and some yoga props like blocks or straps can come in handy.

Lastly, make the room comfortable and inviting. You might want to add a soft rug, some cushions, or even a cozy blanket. The more comfortable and inviting the room, the more likely you are to use it regularly.

Creating a meditation room in your home isn’t just about carving out a physical space; it’s about setting aside a time and place for your mental and spiritual wellbeing. It’s about creating a serene sanctuary that aligns with your personal journey towards inner peace and mindfulness. It’s your refuge from the outside world, a room dedicated to calming the mind, restoring the spirit, and cultivating inner harmony.

Makeover #10: Create a Combination Space for Multiple Uses

combined use of spare room

Each of the above makeover ideas for your spare bedroom are excellent ways to use that space. But, sometimes, you may feel that one room dedicated to one specific use may be a bit of an overkill. Even your own bedroom can often be used for more functions than just sleeping (and we’re not trying to get ‘randy’ here.)

Your own bedroom can serve multiple purposes – for sleeping, for TV viewing, for reading, etc. So, it might make sense to use your spare room for a couple of the suggested makeovers.

Consider using the spare bedroom as yoga studio AND meditation room. Both functions can be inter-related and would make sense to combine into one space. Transition smoothly from physical wellness activity to emotional and mental wellness.

Or consider a peaceful plant room that would include a cozy reading nook in the corner. Nothing would be more relaxing than sitting and reading amongst a ‘garden’ setting.

As you can see, your spare bedroom can serve one or more purposes in this new ’empty nester’ life that you find yourself in.

Conclusion: Your Empty Nest, Your New Adventure

Transforming your spare bedroom isn’t just about redecorating. It’s about taking a leap into an exciting new phase of your life. As an empty nester, you have the unique opportunity to reclaim a space in your home and make it wholly your own. Whether you’ve always yearned for a serene meditation space, a private fitness room, a cozy home cinema, or a bustling craft room, now is the time to bring those dreams to life.

Embrace this new journey. It’s about rediscovering your passions and creating a space where they can flourish. It’s about making your home more than just a dwelling place but a reflection of who you are and what you love.

But remember, there’s no rush. Take your time to explore different ideas, think about what will bring you joy, comfort, and convenience in the long run. And don’t forget, it’s okay to make mistakes and make changes along the way. That’s all part of the process.

So, go ahead, get started. Plan, dream, and create. This is your time, your space, your new adventure. And it begins right here, in the heart of your home, your empty nest. It’s time to spread your wings and let your creativity fly. Happy redecorating!

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